Noushka Reiter

Senior Research Scientist  

Noushka Reiter’s research focuses on improving the conservation and translocation of threatened species by unravelling their unique associations with mycorrhizal fungi, pollinators and habitat. Noushka has a particular interest in the conservation and ecology of orchids. She leads RBGV’s Orchid Conservation Program and the Preventing extinction of Victoria’s threatened flora program. Much of Noushka’s research is underpinned by the creation of one of Australia’s most significant ex situ collections of threatened plants, with >220 species and >30,000 individuals.  Her program has optimised symbiotic propagation for >90 threatened species and developed methods for genera previously unable to be effectively propagated. Noushka was the winner of the 2023 Eureka Prize for Excellence in Botanical Science (see 2023 Australian Museum Eureka Prize winners).



Refereed journal articles

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