Tertiary Excursions

Please note that the links on these pages are for 2024 bookings. For any remaining 2023 bookings, please email learning@rbg.vic.gov.au.


Gardens for Learning and Play

Melbourne Gardens

Discover how to create an outdoor play and learning space centred around imaginative Nature Play.

Participants will learn about the planning, plant selection and landscape creation that went into the development of the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden.

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Health and Wellbeing in Nature

Melbourne Gardens

Explore the physical, mental and emotional benefits of nature and spending time outdoors.

Students will be challenged to consider how being in nature can contribute to positive emotional and physical wellbeing and discuss the importance of healthy foods, physical exercise and spending time outdoors.

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Aboriginal Heritage Walk

Melbourne Gardens

Journey into the ancestral lands of the Eastern Kulin Nations with a First Peoples guide.

Gain insight into the rich history and thriving culture of the local First Peoples, and discover their connection to plants and their traditional uses for food, tools and medicine.

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