Naveed Davoodian

Postdoctoral Fellow - Fungi

Naveed Davoodian is interested in diversity at all scales, but is most fascinated by fungi, especially the ectomycorrhizal groups. His research is centered around phylogenetic systematics of these organisms: discovering new taxa, untangling their evolutionary relationships, and elucidating biogeographic affinities. While his work is global in scope, he has longstanding interests in Australasia, which harbours a unique and understudied mycota.

At RBGV, Naveed is working in support of an ABRS-funded project with international collaborators on the diversity of Australian truffle-like fungi. This effort utilises traditional taxonomic approaches, phylogenetics, and NGS methods to place Australian truffles in a global context. With colleagues at RBGV, he also works on projects in fungal metagenomics and other areas of mycology. He is keen on passing on mycological knowledge and research skills to the next generation of biologists, and as such he participates in ongoing mentorship of student researchers at RBGV.


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