Muelleria 41

Muelleria - Vol. 41 (2022-2023)

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Challenges to developing a reference sequence database using mass parallel sequencing and lichen herbarium specimens: a case study for microlichens of the Australian Capital Territory

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          Gueidan, C., Li, L. and Robinson, I.

          pp. 3–11

A sorediate addition to the genus Megaloblastenia

          Kantvilas, G.

          pp. 12–16

Conservation and genomic diversity of a rare tree, Eucalyptus imlayensis (Myrtaceae), regenerating after wildfire

Simmons, C.L., Wright, G.T., McDougall, K.L. and James, E.A.

pp. 17–28
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Confirmation of Olearia aglossa (Asteraceae) in Victoria with notes on its distribution

Messina, A.

pp. 29–33

A new edition of the ‘Published works of Ferdinand J. H. Mueller’: bibliographical issues and questions of effective publication of ostensible preprints

Lucas, A.M.

pp. 34–43

Genome size estimates for Genomics for Australian Plants sequencing projects

Schmidt-Lebuhn, A.N. and Cantrill, D.J.

pp. 44–49

A new classification of sections and series in Eucalyptus subg. Eudesmia (Myrtaceae)

Bayly, M.J., McLay, T.G.B., Cantrill, D.J. and Fowler, R.M.

pp. 50–54