Muelleria 40

Muelleria - Vol. 40 (2021-2022)

Where papers in Muelleria are published online prior to the publication of the printed volume, the publication date appears on the first page of the paper.

Contributed papers


East Gippsland’s Clubbed Spider Caladenia (Orchidaceae: Caladeniinae)

          Kosky, W.

          pp. 3–30

The lichen genus Enterographa Fée (Roccellaceae) in Tasmania

          Kantvilas, G.

          pp. 31–38

Lobelia pachytricha (Campanulaceae; Lobelioideae), a new species from South Australia and Victoria

          Albrecht, D.E. & Walsh, N.G.

          pp. 39–46

Lachnagrostis batesii in Europe as Agrostis distans, 160 years before being described for South Australia (Poaceae)

          Brown, A.J.

          pp. 47–56

Ronald Gunn’s Tasmanian ‘Agrostid’ Grass Collections (Poaceae)

          Brown, A.J.

          pp. 57–131