Muelleria 36

Muelleria – Vol. 36 (2017–2018)

Muelleria Volume 36 was published in hard copy on 16 May 2018.

Where papers in Muelleria Volume 36 were published online prior to the publication of the printed volume, the publication data appears on the first page of the paper.

Contributed papers

Prasophyllum abblittiorum (Orchidaceae), a new distinctive species from north-western Tasmania

P. A. Collier

pp. 3–7

Nomenclatural changes and corrections for some previously described Australasian truffle-like fungi (Basidiomycetes)

T. Lebel

pp. 8–14

Nicotiana maritima (not) in Victoria

N. Walsh

pp. 15–21

A passion for plants: The botanical contribution of collector P.J. Murphy

S. Kruss

pp. 22-50

On the threshold of mycology: Flora Martin née Campbell (1845–1923)

S. Maroske, T.W. May, A. Taylor, A. Vaughan and A.M. Lucas

pp. 51-73

Pannaria hookeri (lichenised Ascomycetes) – a remarkable new record for Australia

G. Kantvilas and C. Gueidan

pp. 74-80

Two new subspecific taxa within the Eucalyptus Series Argyrophyllae for Victoria

K. Rule and N. G. Walsh

pp. 81-91

(see also Muelleria Vol. 37, p. 75: Correction to 'Two new   subspecific taxa within the Eucalyptus Series Argyrophyllae for Victoria, Rule & Walsh (2018), Muelleria 36, pp. 81–91)

A new species of Poa L. (Poaceae) from Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales

N. G. Walsh and K. McDougall

pp. 92-96

Drosera gunniana comb. et stat. nov., a species in the Drosera peltata (Droseraceae) complex Salas

pp. 97-106

Viola curtisiae, a new rank for a poorly understood species, with notes on V. hederacea subsp. seppeltiana

K. R. Thiele, M. F. de Salas, N. G. Walsh, A. Messina, R. J. Little and S. M. Prober

pp. 107-111

Viola serpentinicola (Violaceae), a new Tasmanian species endemic to serpentinised ultramafic soils Salas

pp. 112-117