Muelleria 35

Muelleria – Vol. 35 (2016–2017)

Muelleria Volume 35 was published in hard copy on 1 August 2017. 

Where papers in Muelleria Volume 35 were published online prior to the publication of the printed volume, the publication data appears on the first page of the paper.

Contributed papers

Three new species and one new combination in Hibiscus (Malvaceae) (PDF – 1.36 MB)

L.A. Craven, R.L. Barrett and M.D. Barrett

pp. 3–14

Pimelea leiophylla (Thymelaeaceae): a new endemic species from Tasmania’s east coast (PDF – 2.47 MB)

A.M. Gray and M.L. Baker

pp. 15–22

Noteworthy desmids (Desmidiales, Conjugatophyceae) from water supply reservoirs in south-east Queensland, Australia (PDF – 607 kB)

Kenins and D. Ryder

pp. 23–33

Disjunct populations of Monocarpus sphaerocarpus (Monocarpaceae, Marchantiopsida) within Australia show no sequence variation (PDF – 2.66 MB)

D.C. Cargill, J. Milne, L.L. Forrest and C. Gueidan

pp. 35–42

The origins of botanic gardens and their relation to plant science, with special reference to horticultural botany and cultivated plant taxonomy (PDF – 1.43 MB)

R. Spencer and R. Cross

pp. 43–93

Correction to the ‘Key to Australian species of Microseris’ in Walsh (2016), Muelleria 34, pp. 63–67 (PDF – 76 kB)

N. Walsh

pp. 95