Muelleria 33

Muelleria – Vol. 33 (2014–2015)

Muelleria Volume 33 was published in hard copy on 21 May 2015. 

Where papers in Muelleria Volume 33 were published online prior to the publication of the printed volume, the publication date appears on the first page of the paper.

Contributed papers

Taxonomic reassessment of Kelleria (Thymelaeaceae) in Australia and recognition of a new endemic Victorian species (PDF - 4.48 MB)

C. Marks and N. Walsh

pp. 3–11

Australian coralloid fungi IV – Ramaria filicicola (PDF - 2.31 MB)

A.M. Young

pp. 13–19

Studies in Podolepis (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae) (PDF - 1.03 MB)

J.A. Jeanes

pp. 21–59

Description of a new species allied to Podolepis robusta (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae) from the south-eastern Australian Alps (PDF - 3.12 MB)

D. Frood

pp. 61–65

Eucalyptus ambigua is not the correct name for the Smithton Peppermint of Tasmania (PDF - 4.61 MB)

M.F. de Salas and A.M. Gray

pp. 67–73

Notes on Potentilla (Rosaceae) and related genera in Australia (PDF - 1.62MB)

A.R. Bean

pp. 75–83

Nomenclature, variation and hybridisation in Rough Blown-grass (Poaceae: Lachnagrostis) (PDF - 1.30MB)

A.J. Brown

pp. 85–95

Naturalised species of Psoralea (Fabaceae: Psoraleeae) in Australia (PDF - 4.04MB)

C.H. Stirton, V. Stajsic and A. Bello

pp. 97–107

Validation of three new species of Lecidella from Australia (PDF - 541KB)

G. Kantvilas, J.A. Elix and T.W. May

pp. 109–110


Correction to the type citations of some Eucalyptus from Victoria in Rule (2012), Muelleria 30, pp. 83–105 (PDF - 519KB)

K. Rule

p. 111

Correction to the ‘Key to Xanthorrhoea in Victoria’ in Bellette (2014), Muelleria 32, pp. 8–15 (PDF - 513KB)

p. 113

Correction to synonymy of Olearia tenuifolia in Walsh (2014), Muelleria 32, pp. 34–38 (PDF - 276KB)

N. Walsh

p. 115