Muelleria 30(2)

Muelleria – Vol. 30(2): 81–188 (2012)

Muelleria Volume 30(2) was first published as hard copy on 9 July 2012 and subsequently made available online.

Contributed papers

Five new endemic eucalypts for Victoria 83 (PDF - 645 kB)

K Rule  

pp. 83–105

(see also Muelleria Vol. 30(2), p. 111: Correction to the type citations of some Eucalyptus from Victoria in Rule (2012), Muelleria 30, pp. 83–105)         

A revision of eastern Australian Bossiaea (Fabaceae: Bossiaeeae) (PDF - 1.14 MB)

IR Thompson    

pp. 106–174                       

Genetic analysis reveals a wide regional provenance distribution for Epacris impressa (PDF - 960 kB)

M. Conomikes, G.M. Moore and C. McLean       

pp. 175–182

Cyclosorus interruptus (Thelypteridaceae): new to Victoria (PDF - 389 kB)

S. Sinclair, V. Stajsic and G. Sutter            

pp. 183–188

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