Fungi Identifications

Amanita phalloides showing volva at base of stipe (left) and underside with pale lamellae and annulus on stipe (right)

For all enquiries about fungi poisoning, contact the Poisons Information Centre (13 1126) or dial 000 in an emergency.

RBGV does not provide information on the toxicity or edibility of fungi or on the use of fungi for recreational purposes.

Important information about poisonous fungi is available on the Edible and poisonous fungi page.

Fungi Identification Submissions

RBGV provides a range of identification and information services for Fungi. Our ability to provide identifications depends on the quality of the fungi material and associated information we receive. Properly collected and prepared specimens are essential and are more likely to result in an accurate identification.

For any enquiries about a service, please contact the Mycologist on duty ( to discuss your requirements, and establish cost estimates and current turnaround times. Please do not send in material without first securing agreement from our Mycologist on duty, prior to sending in material. Doing so may result in the loss or spoilage of your specimens. 


Photographs of fungi are often insufficient for formal identification of many groups of fungi. Even so, photographs may reveal information of value and interest. We therefore encourage submission of images of fungi that have location information to iNaturalist, which has an active community of volunteer identifiers (including RBGV Mycologists).

By doing this, you are contributing to knowledge of distribution, rarity and habitat preference. You can also contact Fungimap with requests for information based on photos (

There are many fungi identification groups and forums on social media platforms. When soliciting identifications from users of such sites, be aware that that identifications may sometimes be inaccurate.

A range of fungi field guides and regional fungi brochures are also available for purchase. Stockists include groups like Fungimap, as well as booksellers specialising in natural history books. RBGV mycologists have produced: FunKey: an Interactive Guide to the Genera of Australian Macrofungi. Key to Agarics


The fee for a standard identification taking no more than 30 minutes is $99 (GST inclusive).

Fees for any job taking more than 30 minutes are charged pro rata. Such jobs may include costs for identification made using molecular methods, such as genetic sequencing. Accordingly, jobs must be discussed first with the Mycologist on duty.

Please note that identification of fungi can be complex, sometimes requiring examination of microscopic characters or genetic analyses. Many species are not formally described and the best available identification may only be to a species group or to genus level.