Designed by Nature & Biomimicry

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series

Designed by Nature & Biomimicry

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is a proud partner of the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series which provides opportunities for high-ability Victorian Government school students to participate in the innovative Designed by Nature Biomimicry Program.

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2024 Dates

Term 3

  • Tuesday 23rd July - Online - Dig into Design with Bandicoot Biomimicry
  • Wednesday 24th July – Melbourne Gardens
  • Tuesday 30th July - Cranbourne Gardens
  • Tuesday 20th August - Melbourne Gardens
  • Thursday 29th August – Cranbourne Gardens
  • Wednesday 18th September - REGIONAL Sale Botanic Gardens

Term 4

  • Thursday 10th October - Cranbourne Gardens
  • Wednesday 13th November - REGIONAL Ballarat Botanical Gardens
  • Melbourne - FULLY BOOKED
  • Wednesday 27th November - REGIONAL Australian Botanic Gardens, Shepparton


Designed by Nature Biomimicry Program

This nature-based STEM-based program engages students in the emerging discipline of biomimicry (design inspired by nature). Government school students will observe the tried and tested biological strategies and patterns of nature and learn how nature can be used for design inspiration, and problem-solving.

We have dedicated programs aligned for Primary students (Years 3 - 6) and Secondary students (Years 7 - 10). See program outlines for more information.

The program is led by our Biomimicry Specialist Facilitators and accompanied by an online Resource Pack. Students will come away having participated in a bio-design challenge and an invaluable perspective for future careers in STEM.

Program Availability

  • This program is available in-person at our Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens.
  • Regional programs are in-person programs delivered at Regional Botanic Gardens for regional students.
  • Choose from the set dates outlined above or contact us to enquire about availability for a private session.
  • The program can be available online through special request OR via our advertised online events.

Designed by Nature Program Details 

Students will

  • Learn examples of bio-inspired inventions and come face-to-face with the plants and systems that influenced them
  • Identify the tried and tested biological strategies of nature through guided nature observation
  • Come up with their own nature-inspired ideas

Key focuses

  • Distinguishing between ‘learning from’ and ‘learning about’ plants
  • Exploring the function and form of plants
  • Engaging in systems thinking
  • Applying nature-inspired solutions to solve a student challenge 
  • Curriculum Links to Integrated STEM, Science, Mathematics, Technology, Design, and Critical and Creative Thinking

Program Outline

What is Biomimicry?

Learn more about this fascinating discipline of design inspired by nature.

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