Connecting to Country

Available at the iconic Melbourne Gardens

Develop a greater understanding and respect for local Aboriginal culture

Students will learn about the people of the Eastern Kulin Nation and examine the sustainable land practices used by Aboriginal Australians.

This program run at the Melbourne Gardens on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during school term. 

Students will

  • Discover indigenous plants and their uses and significance to Indigenous Australians
  • Learn how Aboriginal people care for plants and Country
  • Prepare and paint with ochre
  • Examine tools and technologies designed and made by Aboriginal Australians

Key Focuses

  • First Nations People and their connection to Country
  • Use of plants for food, tools, shelter and medicine
  • Exploring connections to the land and our sense of belonging

Curriculum Links

  • Level 7-8 Geography, History and Design and Technology
  • Level 9-10 Geography