Raising Rarity Conservation Program

Schools partnering to grow and protect Victoria’s threatened flora

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria invites Catholic Schools to register to be part of the 2023 Raising Rarity Conservation Program.

This unique partnership supports students to protect and grow a Victorian threatened species at their school and collect precious seed that can be stored in the Victorian Conservation Seed Bank. Along the way students will support the species’ recovery plan through the collection of important scientific and horticultural data that is shared with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

To be part of the program schools will need to select up to 6 students to attend the Raising Rarity Conservation Day. At the Conservation Day students will:

  • Hear from RBGV scientists on the State of Victoria’s plants.
  • Be introduced to the threatened species they will be working to protect.
  • Discover how to care for their threatened species from the RBGV Horticulture team.
  • Learn the procedures and protocols of setting-up a research garden at school.
  • Collect their threatened species to take back to school to grow.