Nature Lovers

Relish the beauty and diversity that the glorious plants and landscapes at Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens have to offer, and pick up some gardening tips.

Explore the Weird and Wonderful Garden at Cranbourne Gardens

Experience eye-catching landscapes, glorious vistas and some of the stranger and more dramatic forms of Australian flora on this virtual stroll from Casuarina Grove to the Weird and Wonderful Garden at Cranbourne Gardens.

Eucalypts 101: Caring for your Eucalypts

Discover how the Horticulture team care for the Eucalypts of Cranbourne Gardens, and pick up tips for your home garden!

Eucalypts 101: Great Gums to Grow

Our horticultural team has chosen the top 40 smaller eucalypt species suitable to grow in your home garden. Learn what you can grow and where.

Eucalypts 101: Backyard Habitat

Find out how growing a eucalypt can help native wildlife in your area.

Eucalypts 101: Mallee Magic

One of our Horticulturists and one of our Garden Ambassador volunteers share their passion for growing Mallee eucalypt species.

Eucalypts 101: Conservation in Cultivation

Neville Walsh, Senior Conservation Botanist, speaks about the benefits of growing a rare eucalypt in your home garden.

Eucalypts 101: Planting Guide

Discover the best way to plant your eucalypt in your home garden.

Eucalypts 101: Selecting your Eucalypt

Get some hints on what to look for when purchasing your eucalypt from a nursery.