Keep cats contained and dogs on leads

Cats and dogs are both beloved family members, and extremely successful predators

Due to their natural hunting instincts, pet cats will hunt when given the chance regardless of having been fed. In Australia, roaming pet cats kill an estimated 390 million mammals, birds, and reptiles per year, the majority of which are native. While we may not think of our cat as much of a threat, studies show that on average, pet cats bring home only 15% of their prey. Further, populations of native animal species have been completely lost due to a single roaming pet cat.  

As for dogs, our naturally curious canines will chase, injure, and kill bandicoots when allowed off lead.


Safe and happy cats for wildlife

Cats who are safely contained live longer, healthier lives than their roaming counterparts. According to the RSPCA, keeping your cat safe at home greatly reduces their risk of: 

  • Being hit by a car 
  • Getting attacked by other cats and dogs 
  • Getting serious disease or injury 
  • Eating toxic plants or poisons 
  • Getting lost, impounded, or stolen 
  • Picking up ticks or fleas 

The best way to ensure both your cat and local wildlife can thrive is to always keep your cat indoors or in a cat-proofed area (not just at night). 

Research shows that most cats can be completely content with life indoors, as long as owners provide for their environmental and behavioural needs. A few things to keep in mind include:

  • Providing opportunities for activity and stimulation including a variety of toys and regular play sessions. 
  • Allowing them to practice normal behaviours like climbing, scratching, hiding, and stalking.  
  • Providing more than one choice for where they can rest, play, and toilet. 
  • Have a stand located by a window so they can look outside. 
  • If possible, cat-proof an outdoor area or install a cat enclosure (or ‘catio') to allow your cat to explore outside in a secure environment. See for example: 

For more information, head to RSPCA’s guide to keeping your cat safe and happy at home.


Responsible dog ownership

It’s important to keep your dog on a lead when walking in bandicoot areas so they can’t chase and injure our nosey neighbours.

If you’re lucky enough to have bandicoots visiting your backyard, we recommend cordoning off an area away from your dog(s) where bandicoots can safely access, and preventing them from entering areas where your pooch hangs out.

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