Building for a Nature-Positive Future

Panel Discussion

The loss of biodiversity and climate change are undeniably linked. We need to address these challenges by leveraging nature-based solutions at local, regional and global levels. With over half the world’s population residing in cities, it’s crucial to consider biodiversity at the core of designing urban environments. However, it can be difficult to navigate the pathway to a nature-positive future.

Join us at this panel event where we explore the future of cities and discuss the opportunity to co-design with and for nature, if nature was a key stakeholder at our table. We’ll share key insights and learnings from Arup’s mycelium research and how we incorporate biodiversity within the built environment.

Join us at this panel event with Dr Tom May from Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Dr Kylie Soanes from University of Melbourne, and Dr Bree Trevena and Carmen Yuen from Arup.

Presented by Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in partnership with Arup for Melbourne Design Week 2024.

Pictured: “Mushi”, the award-winning mycelium wetland prototype by Arup, Swinburne University and Studio Edwards

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