Interactive Map FAQ

Having trouble with our interactive map? Find out more to help resolve your issue below

Why can't I see my location?

When using a mobile device, the interactive map has the ability to show your location and show you directions to places in the Gardens. Your location will be indicated by a pink dot.

To access this feature, you need to have location services enabled on both on your device AND in your browser settings.

If you’re using a mobile device within the Gardens and want to use location-based features, please make sure that your device has all three of the below:

  1. Location services enabled
  2. Permission to share your location with your selected browser (eg. Your iPhone has permission to share your location with Safari)
  3. Your browser has permission to share your location with (eg. Safari has permission to share your location)

Once enabled, reload the map page – you should be presented with the pop up asking for permission to share your location.

For more information on where to find the above settings on your device please visit below:

iOS (Apple Devices)


Android Devices

Map not displaying correctly

Whilst every effort is made to optimise the interactive map service for as many users as possible, there is a chance that the map may not display perfectly on all devices. 

Below is a list of devices, browsers, and operating systems that the service is optimised for:

Optimised devices and operating systems:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 upwards using the latest version of the Android operating system
  • iPhone 12 upwards using the latest version of the iOS operating system

Supported browsers for mobile and tablet devices:

  • Safari
  • Chrome

Supported desktop browsers for PC or Mac:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
My location marker isn't accurate/not moving (mobile devices at the Gardens only)

If your location marker isn't accurate please take the steps below:

  • Refresh your browser page
  • Please make sure that your browser and device setting are set up as outlined above - this could include updating the version of the browser that you are using (eg. Safari, Google Chrome etc.)
  • Restart your device 

There are a number of factors that may be contributing to this. This could include reception from your service provider, your device, system preferences or battery level. 

Whilst every endeavour is made to optimise this feature, due to the the above factors we cannot guarantee the accuracy and performance of location services.