While there is a dedicated Camellia Bed, fantastic camellia species and cultivars can be found all over Melbourne Gardens. This collection is one of the oldest and longest running, with some 75 camellias planted by Guilfoyle still in existence and blooming spectacularly today. Camellia cultivation has a deep and extensive history, and this collection features specimens donated by some of the greatest enthusiasts, horticulturalists, hobbyists, botanists and Directors alike.

This Collection is important as it:

  • Conserves heritage camellia cultivars.
  • Preserves the horticultural history of the Gardens.

Key Plants

Camellia petelotii var. petelotii

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Camellia sinensis var. sinensis

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Camellia japonica 'Kingyo-Tsubaki'

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Camellia granthamiana

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<em>Camellia petelotii</em> var. <em>petelotii</em>

Found in Guanxi Province in Southern China, a small area of moist forest is home to the beautiful this camellia. This camellia presents stunning, glossy, dark green leaves that draw the attention of anyone passing. The pale yellow flowers add a nice touch to an already beautiful plant.

Notes from the Curator

This popular collection boasts a large variety of both camellia cultivars and species and is globally recognised as an International Camellia Garden of Excellence. This award acknowledges not only the beauty of the collection but also its history and display of rare and/or threatened Camellias.

The Camellia Collection has something to offer year-round, however it is particularly charming as the cooler weather rolls in. The winding pathway takes you in amongst the camellias, allowing you to get lost in the beauty of your surroundings. Travelling this path when the camellias are in full bloom is a magical experience, bringing a burst of joy and colour to even the coldest of Winters.