How to Garden

At the northern end of the garden lies the How to Garden, where you will find a selection of edible plants from across Australia suitable to grow in your own garden. A contemporary veggie garden showcasing Australian flavours. Learn about how to grow, prepare and enjoy native food plants.

The How To Garden showcases:

  • Many Australian plants are highly productive food plants that are suitable for cultivation.
  • Australia has unique versions of plants that people commonly eat such as citrus, celery, spinach and mint.
  • The good use of space and resources through raised garden beds, hedging, orchard rows, water harvesting and composting.

Key Plants

Lemon Scented Myrtle

Backhousia citriodora

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Queensland Nut

Macadamia integrifolia

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Finger Lime

Citrus australasica

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Yam Daisy / Murnong

Microseris scapigera

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Warrigal Greens

Tetragonia tetragonioides

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Bramble Wattle

Acacia victoriae

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Lemon Scented Myrtle

<em>Backhousia citriodora</em>

A slow growing rainforest tree that can be kept in a pot, hedged or left to grow. The leaves of this tree are edible and have a very distinct and intense lemon flavour.

Notes from the Curator

Trent Loane

Australian 'bush foods' are just as suitable for the home garden as plum trees and potatoes. The How to Garden aims to inspire people to include our unique Australian food plants into their own fruit and veggie gardens. Come and see our staple fruit trees and discover what crops we are rotating in the raised veggie beds. Speak to the Garden Ambassadors about your gardening questions.