Backyard Garden

This small display garden aims to recreate the feeling of a relaxing, modern, backyard and has the added benefit of supporting wildlife too! Selected species of trees, shrubs, groundcovers and even native lawn, ensures there is something for everyone as well as many creatures in a small space.

  • Plants selected here have the ability to entice wildlife into backyards.
  • A range of mulch types are on display.
  • Australian backyard spaces have changed dramatically over time. But with limited space it is still possible to create habitat and beauty, with interesting structural and garden design.
  • Includes space to set up a picnic or just sit and relax.

Key Plants

Grevillea thyrsoides subsp. pustulata

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Acacia Cascade

Acacia cultriformis

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Golden Everlasting

Xerochrysum bracteatum

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Dwarf Lemon Scented Gum

Corymbia citriodora ‘Scentuous’

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Ivory Whip


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Trailing Tangled Guinea-flower

Hibbertia empetrifolia 

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<em>Grevillea thyrsoides </em>subsp. <em>pustulata</em>

A threatened, low-growing species from WA. Here it is a grafted standard. The long-flowering period supplies nectar to small birds and allows them to feed at height away from predators.

Notes from the Curator

Bronwyn Swartz

Gardening is fashionable and therapeutic and many of us take pride in our own gardens and backyards. Garden design is also fluid, and when looking back through old photos it is easy to observe shifts in design to suit our way of living. The Backyard Garden incorporates simplicity in design, which allows for easy and constant updating as plant palettes change. There is a strong focus on floral displays which is as much about enticing wildlife as it is about people. Showcasing structural design elements with varied mulch types that highlight the plants on display, it also creates a space for relaxation or an entertainment area.