Greening Cities

The Greening Cities Garden is a collection of planting styles all tailored to smaller urban settings. Upright columns, climbing poles, hedges, and espaliering techniques are all used to convey height and provide inspiration for making the most of gardening in an inner city courtyard or rooftop. This garden demonstrates that you can achieve an ornamental and modern garden using Australian natives by selecting species well-suited to your space.

The Greening Cities Garden show us how we can 

  • Create an enclosed urban feeling in the garden.
  • Utilise different maintenance and pruning styles to keep your native plant happy in a small space.
  • Soften the concrete and steel edges of inner city spaces with greenery.

Key Plants

Wolgan Snow Gum

Eucalyptus gregsoniana

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Harsh Nematolepis

Nematolepis squamea subsp. retusa

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Pandorea Charisma

Pandorea jasminoides

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Mallee Princess

Pomaderris obcordata

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Wolgan Snow Gum

<em>Eucalyptus gregsoniana</em>

Native to alpine ranges of NSW, this species has adapted to bearing heavy snowfall and has multiple low-growing and flexible branches, characteristics that make it an interesting subject for espaliering.

Notes from the Curator

Marie Velthoven

Adding softness to a small area made of only hard inorganic surfaces can be a challenge for many as high density and inner city living expands. Adding plants to your home is especially pertinent now that we can see how clearing green spaces in urban environments can create ‘heat islands’ in major cities. This display garden is an ongoing challenge for us too with the harsh sun, reflective steel surfaces, and small beds available for root growth. By trialing various species out of their natural habitat along with ways to prune or train the plant as it grows, we hope it encourages everyone to add some greenery to their home.