WONDER:              175 years of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

As told through conversations with writers Sophie Cunningham (‘City of Trees’, ‘Melbourne’) and Peter Wilmoth (feature writer, former entertainment editor The Age), the book tells of Nick Cave’s regular visits to the Gardens as a place of inspiration for his writing; of actor and writer Michael Veitch’s run-ins with grumpy swans; of Chief Victorian Scientist’s Dr Amanda Caples early career epiphany and shares Aboriginal stories of the Gardens and Country that reach back through millennia – all brought to life with superb photography by Leigh Henningham.

“Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is a treasured and unforgettable place because every Melburnian and visitor has their own meaningful and often poignant memories of it,” says Tim Entwisle, Director and Chief Executive, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

“These stories will resonate with readers, many of whom will find echoes of their own cherished experiences.”

The book also includes fascinating behind-the-scenes anecdotes from key gardens’ supporters and long-standing employees, including Landscape Architect Andrew Laidlaw, who shares twenty years of design and the Gardens’ more recent landscapes; young horticulturalist Gemma Cotterell, who tells of her conservation work with Australian native species; and botanist Neville Walsh’s recent discovery of a new species of wattle.

The important matters of plant extinction and climate change are addressed, reminding the reader of the critical role played by our public gardens in securing the future of the planet through its science, irreplaceable collections and conservation action.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria was established 175 years ago, but the site has been an important Aboriginal ancestral meeting place for millennia. 

You can purchase a copy by phoning the Visitor Center for click and collect on 03 9252 2300.