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The Home Garden

The Home Garden seeks to emphasize the design possibilities of Australian plants while taking the visitor on a journey through Australian garden design history.
The garden comprises fragments of different gardens covering a variety of periods, styles and scales. The designs will feel familiar to many and have been adapted from gardens featured in Australian books, magazines and television makeover programs. By substituting the exotic plants used in many period gardens with native plants, we show how it is possible to use native plants in established and new home gardens to achieve many different results.

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Key Plants

Prostanthera lasianthos, Victorian Christmas Bush, is a large shrub or a small tree that grows as a forest understory plant in SE Australia. In cultivation it is a hardy plant that benefits from an occasional watering during extended dry periods. Useful as a tall screening plant to 4m. 

 Backhousia citriodora, Lemon-scented Myrtle is gaining in popularity as one of the finest lemon scented plants available. It naturally occurs as a small tree in the forests of the east coast of Queensland and is proving to be quite hardy well outside its natural range when grown in a sheltered position protected from frosts. This plant produces attractive clusters of white flowers but it is predominantly grown for its lemon scented foliage which has a range of uses from a tea infusion, as a garnish, and in soaps and lotions. In cultivation it prefers a moist protected position in the garden and with regular pruning it can be maintained as a shrub.

Curator Notes

There is a native plant for practically every application in the garden. The Home Garden is a wonderful example of substituting traditional garden plants with a native that will fulfil the same form and function. For example we have substituted the English Box hedge with a hedge of Lilly Pilly, a standard rose with a standard Grevillea, even the traditional backyard lawn can be a native grass lawn!


This is a garden that utilises Australian native plants in a number of different ‘garden rooms’. There is a section of the garden that focuses on a typical 1950 garden structure, a 70’s bush garden and a more contemporary garden.  Landscape designer: Coomes Landscape Architecture & Urban Design