Plant Collections

The Arbour Garden

Australian climbing plants and standards fill this display garden with a large number of plants for use in the home garden. This is the must-see location for keen gardeners, visitors looking for innovative ways to use tricky vertical spaces in their garden, and children and the young at heart looking to play hide-and-seek.  Views along the central pathway through the arbours will be a great favourite with brides or anyone looking for spectacular and unique portraits.

The Arbour Garden is a strong design element of the Australian Garden – Its series of frames provide a bold landscape element and when clad with foliage this collection of climbing plants offers inspiration and ideas for home gardeners in the uses for climbing plants in their gardens. 

Climbing plants are fantastic for screening a fence or covering a structure in the garden such as a pergola. Increasingly we are looking to climbers as the preferred plant form for green walls. There is a range of ways that climbing plants attach to their surrounds – Some are twining like the Billardiera spp. Others are woody vines or lianas such as the Aphanopetalum resinosum that produce a sturdy woody main stem or trunk. 

Best Viewed

  • Spring

Key Plants

Pandorea jasminoides is a vigorous vine with large, colourful flowers in spring and late summer. This is a popular plant in cultivation, requires well drained soils and will grow in full sun to partial shade. 

Aphanopetalum resinosum – Gum Vine, is a vigorous vine with glossy dark green foliage and attractive creamy sepals that resemble flower petals. It is a hardy vine tolerant of a range of conditions and grown on a fence or other climbing structure to produce and effective screening plant.

Kennedia spp. Kennedia is a large genus of climbing, rambling and ground covering plants and a number are on display in the Arbour Garden

Curator Notes

Masses of blooms in the spring provide a wonderful display but the flowers and foliage forms still draw you through the Arbour Garden throughout the year.