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Red Sand Garden

The journey through the Australian Garden starts with the Sand Garden where the expanse of red sand contrasts with grey foliage. On the northern hill, mass plantings of Acacia binervia and the Spinifex sericeus are used to stabilise the sandhills. The lower slopes are covered by a carpet of muntries (Kunzea pomifera), the fruit used for food by the Aborigines.

The vast central Red Sand Garden blends with flat land river environments. Planting in this area includes the Albany Daisy, Kangaroo-paw, Pincushions, Pineapple Bush, Rope-rush, Popflower, Snakebush, Mat-rush, Grass tree and other rockery plants. In the northern Arid Garden area of the Sand Garden, trees appear for the first time. Beneath are the lower prickly species, such as Bitter-pea, Mat-rush, Melaleuca, Paperbark, Honey-myrtle, Hakea, Needlewood and Dogwood.

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  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Key Plants

Atriplex vesicaria 'Bladder'

Xerochrysum bracteatum 'Dargan Hill'