Plant Collections

Peppermint Garden

The Peppermint Garden is a sensory garden and every plant selected here produces a perfume or aroma.  Planting scented plants adds a wonderful dimension to any garden. 

This garden presents the delicate and sometimes overpowering scents that arise from the flowers and the aromatic oils in the leaves of a diversity of our native species.

Key Plants

Leptospermum petersonii, Lemon-scented Teatree. This fast growing shrub grows to 3 or 4 metres high and makes an ideal screening plant. It has characteristic light green, lemon scented foliage and white flowers in spring. It requires an open position with a well-drained soil and appreciates occasional watering during extended dry periods.

Jasminum suavissimum, Sweet Jasmine is a rambling or climbing plant with perfumed, white flowers.  It’s a hardy plant that would appreciate occasional watering during extended dry periods. It can be trained as a climber to screen a fence or grown as a shrub if grown in isolation of other plants. If planted in an area away from other plants it can be grown as a shrub.

Eucalyptus viridis Green Mallee This tree is one of the important plants used in Eucalyptus oil production. It is a small to medium sized tree with multi trunks and is very hardy once established