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Lifestyle Garden

This garden creates a memorable demonstration of the opportunities that bringing the garden experience into the house and allowing the interior to extend out into the garden can offer. Materials and formal plantings combine to show how Australian plants can be utilised in a sustainable and contemporary manner.

The Lifestyle Garden demonstrates the use of planter boxes in smaller urban gardens. Planter boxes can take on many forms – they can be bottomless containers or fully containerised, they are typically square, or rectangular. The advantage of planter boxes against conventional round pots is that they are generally larger and longer and lend themselves better to combinations of mixed plantings of taller plants, screening plants and groundcovers. They can of course be planted with a single species. The iconic European window boxes with their flowering geraniums are a form of planter box. Think about what Australian plant might be a good substitute for the humble Geranium  - perhaps a native Pelargonium?

This contemporary garden challenges the use of New Zealand Cordylines and Flax’s, encouraging diversity in the use of native plants in the modern home.

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Key Plants

Cordyline obtecta, Ti. This tall growing Cordyline is a wonderful addition to a garden as a bold architectural plant. On its native Norfolk Island it can attain heights of up to 10m but in cultivation it’s likely to be smaller but could still reach to over 5m so it will need a little room if you are considering growing this in your alfresco area. It requires a protected sunny spot in the garden and benefits for additional watering during extended dry periods.

Plectranthus argentatus is a beautiful silver foliaged shrub that grows about 1m tall and can spread to 2m. Again an architectural plant, its silver foliage contrasts beautifully with surrounding vegetation and it is one of the few silver-leafed plants to enjoy shade, including dry shade.

Syzygium australe ‘Tiny Trev’ This Lilly Pilly cultivar is an attractive rounded shrub that’s not likely to get much taller than 1.5m x 1.5m – It can be clipped to form a low hedge but its natural habit is to create rounded architectural domes which can be a real feature in the garden.