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Kids’ Backyard Garden

The Kid’s Backyard is located near the Rockpool Pavilion. Rather than a typical suburban playground, with traditional off-the-shelf 'plastic' playground equipment, this is a space for children's imagination and exploration using organic materials, especially red-gum timbers.

All of the elements are derived from natural materials, many recycled or salvaged forestry timbers, and the layout and detailing reinforces an organic theme. 

The most outstanding feature of the Kids’ Backyard is the Hortasaurus.  It is a large structure made from River Red Gum logs and looks like a big dinosaur.  It has a long tail and a raised section on the platform leads to a cubby house, which is enclosed with the foliage of four big Fig trees.

Gardens are wonderful places for children to interact with the natural world. Consider getting children in your lives involved in gardening through helping establish and maintain a veggie garden, or plant a tree and that tree will always be their special tree.

Landscape designer: Mark McWha Pty Ltd

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  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Key Plants

Allocasuarina littoralis, Black Sheoak. This thicket of Sheoaks in the Kids Garden, over time will form an intricate network of tree trunks for kids to play in.


Hibbertia scandens, Climbing Guinea-flower, has large, rich yellow flowers for most of the year, brightening up this garden area.