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How To Garden

The How To Garden is the place to go if you’re after practical advice and hands-on gardening demonstrations with our knowledgeable Garden Ambassadors. 

This is essentially a produce garden – but one that is using only Australian native plants as the fare. The very same techniques that you would adopt in your traditional backyard veggie garden are on show here. It’s a bush foods garden with a twist!

The design and layout of this garden is based on the very popular kitchen garden associated with The Ian Potter Children’s Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. 

Key Plants

Tetragonia implexicoma – Bower Spinach or Warrigal Greens. This leafy green is also known as New Zealand Spinach and is one of the many edible plants in this garden. Like other leafy vegetables, Bower Spinach is full of vitamins. When preparing these you have to first blanch them in boiling water before adding them to whatever you are cooking. Blanching leaches out some of the oxalates that are present in the foliage so don’t re-use the water you have blanched them in.

Kunzea pomifera, Muntries, is a low growing ground cover that occurs naturally in South Australia and western Victoria. They produce a purple berry up to 1.2cm in diameter that can be eaten straight of the plant or used to make jams and pies.

Backhousia citriodora, Lemon-scented Myrtle is gaining in popularity as one of the finest lemon scented plants available. It naturally occurs as a small tree in the forests of the east coast of Queensland and is proving to be quite hardy well outside its natural range when grown in a sheltered position protected from frosts. This plant produces attractive clusters of white flowers but it is predominantly grown for its lemon scented foliage which has a range of uses from a tea infusion, as a garnish, and in soaps and lotions. In cultivation it prefers a moist protected position in the garden and with regular pruning it can be maintained as a shrub.

Curator Notes

Garden Ambassadors are based near the How To Garden so that they can answer your questions about the Australian Garden and the plants in the garden.