Plant Collections

Greening Cities Garden

The Greening Cities Garden demonstrates the ideas and techniques required to stimulate the spread of urban greening, feeding demand for design ideas and plant selections that will transform urban outdoor spaces into flourishing and sustainable urban gardens.

This garden aims to show visitors a range of horticultural techniques that can be used to green up a small courtyard or ‘pocket handkerchief’ garden. Included in the design are climbing poles creating green walls with various species of Billardiera, Apple Berries, screening plants, plants suited to being grown in pots and containers, espaliers, and even a mini meadow of mixed flowering plants. 

The Greening Cities Garden is a celebration of contemporary landscape design – It crams into a very small area a number of different design elements, all aimed at demonstrating horticultural techniques and approaches to greening a small space garden. 

Key Plants

Eucalyptus gregsoniana, Wolgan Snow Gum, is an attractive small tree from sub alpine areas of southern NSW. In the wild it forms a multi trunked tree to 6m. In this garden we are espaliering these plants, a practice of pruning and tying branches to a frame so that they grow on a flat plane.  The twist here is that we are espaliering these tress on a curve!

Syzygium australe  ‘Pinnacle’ is narrow, compact and dense Lilly Pilly, which makes an ideal hedging or screening plant. It has attractive glossy green foliage and white flowers followed by red/pink fleshy fruit.