Plant Collections

Gibson Hill

Gibson Hill provides a visually arresting display. A winding path provides access to the top of the Hill, where seating and viewing platforms are a great place to rest and take in the elevated views of the Red Sand Garden and Rockpool Waterway.

The grey foliage provides the illusion of far distant mountains in the natural landscape, accentuating the vista from the Visitors Centre, across the Red Sand Garden.

Key Plants

Acacia binervia is a long-lived, large shrub or small tree, with a broad domed canopy. On Gibson Hill it is planted en masse and over time its grey foliage will form a closed canopy giving the hill its grey colour tone.

Atriplex paludosa subsp. paludosa, Marsh Saltbush is a low growing shrub with attractive silvery-grey foliage. Again this is a planting en masse to form a low sward of grey foliage.

Curator Notes

Over time the planting on Gibson Hill will form a closed canopy of the two species Acacia binervia and Atriplex paludosa subsp. paludosa. What this will achieve is a landscape that will provide the hill with a characteristic grey foliage hue and due to the cover created will suppress weeds. This is referred to as living mulch where the plant material is serving to cover the soil and prevent water loss to solar radiation and evaporation.

The planting across the majority of Gibson Hill is very simple and consists of two species – This is often a good approach for covering large areas with native vegetation.