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Diversity garden

Australia’s landscape is diverse, both in look and botanically and yet historically, European Australians have tended to characterise the land as empty rather than full. This garden aims to dispel this myth. The Diversity Garden is an abstract journey through the 85 bio-regions of Australia.

This garden is a series or narrow bands each representing a bio-region of Australia. The mulches are ‘linked’ in an abstract way to geology and soils of many of the bioregions. For example the surface mulch in some areas is recycled mussel shells. They allude to the sense of the ‘inland sea’ as an iconic part of life in Australia and a part of the Australian psyche.

Landscape designer: Site Office 


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  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Key Plants

Curator Notes

This garden is a real challenge in that it is growing plants from every corner of Australia from the tropics to the alps, the deserts to the coast. The approach that we have taken is to select species that exhibit a wide range of environmental tolerances rather than those that are exacting in their cultural requirements. There is a degree of trial and error and it’s a dynamic garden where we are constantly trying out new species that best fit the bioregion. Our aim is to have iconic plants represented.

Just as there is a diversity of plant material in this garden there is a diversity of mulch types, both organic and inorganic.