Plant Collections

Cultivar Garden

Visitors proceeding northwards from the picturesque River Walk will encounter the Cultivar Garden. Dynamic displays will be on show here, utilising selections of some of the most visually spectacular Australian plants, including grafted, experimental and newly released varieties selected for their particular suitability to Melbourne-specific growing and soil conditions. The Cultivar Garden is quite deliberately presenting plants in an ordered manner, in lines or rows. The intent of this approach is to reflect on agricultural landscapes where order and manipulated form has displaced the natural vegetation. 

The eastern section of the Cultivar Garden has research plots that will be used by Royal Botanic Gardens’ horticulturalists, and students. 

Best Viewed

  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Key Plants

Callistemon ‘Matthew Flinders’ is a new Callistemon viminalis cultivar that is characterised by a dwarf and compact habit, fine leaves and numerous bright red ‘bottle brush’ type flowers.

Tristaniopsis laurina (dwarf) is a low growing selection of this species, which in nature ranges from a large shrub to a tall rainforest tree. This cultivar is a shrub with reddish foliage; its compact habit makes it suitable for any garden that requires low structured plantings.

Scaevola cultivars – Fan Flowers are showy low growing plants with spectacular white, through pink, to mauve flowers. There are a number of different cultivars displayed in this garden. There are new releases regularly coming onto the market, some of which will be displayed in this garden in the future. 

Curator Notes

Cultivars are ‘cultivated varieties’ of plants – These can be selections or forms of wild plants that are brought into cultivation, cloned and given a name, or developed and bred by a plant breeder to achieve specific desirable characteristics. This garden will display a wide range of these plants suited to Melbourne home gardens.