Plant Collections

Box Garden

The Box Garden is one of the most densely planted areas in the Australian Garden.  Between the cracks and crevices in the rocks, you will find lots of beautiful, delicate little plants. 

The Box Garden is a basically a rockery where there are numerous nooks and crannies in which flowering understory plants are able to grow amongst the trunks of the Box trees. A number of these understorey plants are short lived and require regular replacement. 

In the Box Garden, we explore the contribution that artists have made to our understanding of the Australian bush. Nestled into this garden is a memorial to Kevin Taylor, an esteemed Australian landscape architect and one of the principal designers of the Australian Garden.

Key Plants

Stypandra glauca, Nodding Blue Lily

A multi stemmed tufted plant with attractive blue flowers with prominent yellow filaments. In cultivation it is drought tolerant once established. It prefers full sun or dappled shade and a well-drained soil.

Olearia astroloba, Marble Daisy-bush

In the wild this species is restricted to a small area in East Gippsland where it is considered to be vulnerable.  In cultivation this plant is a wonderful garden plant preferring an open sunny position and well drained soils. It produces masses of attractive mauve daisy flowers in winter and sporadically throughout the year. 

Eucalyptus polyanthemos, Red Box

A medium sized to large tree with an upright spreading habit, characteristic fibrous bark and creamy white flowers in late spring and summer. In cultivation it is extremely hardy and tolerant of extended dry conditions once established.