Plant Collections

Bloodwood Garden

In the Bloodwood Garden we explore how science and scientists have informed our understanding of the Australian bush through the quest to name and know. This is a garden that showcases the simplicity and the beauty of tree trunks. There is no understory or shrub planting in this garden to visually compete with the trees and their magnificent form. 

Key Plants

Corymbia citriodora – Lemon Scented Gum. This iconic tree is the feature of the Bloodwood Garden. Lemon Scented Gums are a beautiful and graceful tree with magnificent white bark and pendulous, lemon scented foliage. 

Curator Notes

The Lemon Scented Gum naturally occurs in north Queensland and in cultivation it has proved remarkably adaptable well outside its natural range in the tropics. They are tolerant of a range of conditions and soils and are a hardy tree. There are grafted dwarf forms that have been recently released which are likely to be medium sized trees and ideal for home gardens.