Herbarium collectors

Our task is to find, photograph and collect plant specimens at each stage of their development at Cranbourne Gardens, while ensuring relevant details - such as their locations, appearance, substrate they are found on, and habitat - are recorded. These specimens are then dried and mounted for herbarium collections at Cranbourne Gardens and the National Herbarium. 

Anyone who is keen to participate in this very important and interesting activity is welcome to join the group. For further information contact: 


Nola Foster
T 03 9583 5731

When we meet

The Herbarium Collectors meet on the 1st Monday of the month from 10am to 3pm and on the second Sunday of some months (from 9am to 12pm) at the Maud Gibson Room (which is near the Cranbourne Gardens Main Office).


The Herbarium Collectors continue quietly and steadily on. The collection now numbers 727 genera and species. Our superbly talented and dedicated photographer Dan Linsten is no longer able to come out into the field, but he'll continue to organise the computer compilations for us. He's a wonderful, hardworking friend who has given us hundreds of beautiful photographs supporting and recording the collection. We are fortunate to have three highly-skilled, experienced and artistic photographers, Robin Allison, Ivan Margitta and Laurie Lively, as well as our White Knight, Alex Smart, if we are in need.

In April we were sent to collect samples of a foreign invader not seen previously in the area. Growing outside the eastern boundary on land soon to be smothered with houses, alongside a patch of dock, stood two handsome and vigorous Datura ferox. These interesting plants produce everything at once: flowers (typical white trumpets), large heavily-spiked fruit, dried seed pods and rich green, wavy dentate leaves. The numerous stems were incredibly stiff and strong for an herbaceous plant, which was soon to be removed by Ollie Sherlock and the Land Management team. If it appears in the Cranbourne Gardens, they will know where it came from!