Seed collectors

The seed collectors gather seed for the Cranbourne Gardens seed stock and for the Growing Friends nursery.

Seed collecting over the last few years has involved a range of activities: 

  • Reconnaissance walks to identify what is ready or close to maturity for collecting.
  • Collection from a wide range of sites in the Cranbourne bushland.
  • Processing of material collected.
  • Documenting what we have collected.

The seed collected is used by the Growing Friends and by the Gardens for regeneration of the bushland. All processed seed is entered on the Cranbourne Gardens seed database. 

When we meet

The peak time for this group is November to March. Most of the sessions for the group are on weekends and go for about 2 to 3 hours. Thursday is also a convenient day to meet; some of us are also part of the Thursday Growing Friends group.

We have enjoyed monthly sessions with Di Clark or Broni Swartz up to Christmas 2015, but after discussing the future with Di it is clear that with more recent reductions in staffing it is impossible for them to work with us for the time being.

Therefore, sadly, the group will now be in recess until later in the year, but we hope to resume next season. We would like to thank Di and Broni for their friendship, help and enthusiasm and look forward with great pleasure to working with them at a later date.