Growing Friends Cranbourne

The Growing Friends propagate a great variety Australian native plants that have been sourced from the Gardens. The plants are grown from cuttings and seed, mostly supplied by the Gardens gardening staff.

Plants are used for educational purposes and for raising funds for selected projects at the Gardens:

  • Plants are grown as ‘give-aways’ for school students visiting the Gardens (organised by the Gardens’ Education Service).
  • Regular plant sales are held at the Nursery throughout the year with special days for Friends and staff, and separate days for the general public.
  • The City of Casey purchases plants from the Growing Friends for their ‘Green Web’ revegetation program in the Casey and Cardinia areas and as ‘give-aways’ for Arbor Week.
Working together, as well as having morning tea and lunch together, in a natural open-air setting accompanied by the sounds of local birds, is a very enjoyable and healthy activity.

When we meet

The Growing Friends meet every Thursday at our nursery, in the Gardens’ depot, from 9.30am to 2pm. All are welcome.

Autumn Plant Sales

Once again, the autumn plant sale was a busy and most profitable event and with taking a few pre-plant sale purchases into account, we made approximately $12,500. As you would be aware, we also had a clearance sale at the Growing Friends nursery at which we sold $1,500 worth of plants over two Thursdays. We find this a remarkable amount given that the plants on special cost no more than $1 or $2 each (although some customers bought a few full price ones). Many volunteer hours go into growing plants and holding regular sales and we appreciate members coming to our sale and nursery. So, ‘thank you’ to all who support us by your visits and purchases. We hope that your plants flourish. 

We are now preparing for the winter plant sale which will be on 23 and 24 July.

Pots, labels and boxes

If you have any plastic plant pots, Growing Friends plant labels and/or boxes you wish to part with, we will be glad to recycle them. Please insert pots and labels inside a sealed plastic bag and drop them by the gate of our nursery in the depot area. You can leave them at the gate if we are not there. Small and medium sized boxes will also be very welcome but need to be left in a dry area.

Kangaroo Paws and more Kangaroo Paws

A Kangaroo Paw Celebration is being planned for the month of November by the Gardens and Friends. You can read more about this in Naturelink. Kangaroo paws will be the star of the month and thus the Growing Friends will be selling a fantastic range of many colours of this plant. Not only red, yellow, green, orange or combinations thereof  of spectacular plants, but also violet, pink, lime, lilac and more. So far we have potted hundreds, with more to come. Be sure to leave some space in your garden for these beautiful plants, as there will be plenty of opportunities for you to see and purchase them.

Plants as table centres and gifts to luncheon guests

Once again we were asked to supply plants for guests at a luncheon at the Gardens’ Tarnuk room. This time, small pots with a number of flowering plants for each guest, were inserted into ribbon-decorated florist boxes which were then used as table centres. I have been told that both the guests and the clients were delighted.

Special Plants Orders

As usual, should you wish to purchase a plant you have seen in the Gardens, or multiple plants for a large area, then please contact the Growing Friends by email or phone with your request and we shall endeavour to grow them or may even have it/them in stock. 

For enquiries, contact:

Marjanne Rook
T 03 9769 7881

Don Dower
T 03 9736 2309