Friends in Focus

In the Friends In Focus group we get together to have fun and learn about photography, take photos and enhance and practise our skills in a friendly, social and non-judgmental environment. We range from ‘snappers’ to serious photographers. 

What type of pictures might we take? Landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, clouds, stars, plants, seeds, insects, spider webs, birds, and things that slither, hop or swim—and of course, people. There is no end to the possibilities.

Come and join us and then offer your photographs of Cranbourne Gardens for inclusion on the Friend’s Facebook and Twitter sites.

Update June 2017

Come along and meet the Friends in Focus, and learn or indulge in your passion of taking beautiful photos.  

Tips on Taking Close up Photographs of Flowers

Typically, it is thought that one needs a lens with a macro function; while this may be beneficial in some circumstances most lenses can be used to take good close up photos.  Even compact cameras can take excellent close ups. It requires a little thought and knowledge of your camera and lens attached.  It depends on camera type, Digital Single Lens Reflex or Compact and whether the functions are on the lens or a setting within the camera; the following may be of some assistance.  


These tips are not set in concrete nor will every one apply to all situations.

  • Set your image type to RAW + JPEG.

  • Select your photo style to mono (black and white).

  • Change viewing of image from viewfinder to LCD display.

  • Set lens focusing method to manual and use the image in the LCD display to focus.

  • Ideally mount camera on a tripod or monopod for stability.

  • Where there are windy conditions consider using a flash on the end of the lens or setting the shutter speed to 1/2000th or faster.  You could even set both together.

  • Lastly, be prepared to move the camera towards and out from the subject to achieve the image you want.

2pm during Eastern Standard Time
9.30am during Daylight Saving 


For information about the group please contact James McKee:

T 03 9707 2624
M 0411 102 107