Get involved

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria has a number of support groups that work closely with us to generate support for the work of the Gardens. 

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria has a large number of volunteers who donate their time, skills, expertise and energy to the organisation. If you want to join our passionate team of volunteers learn more here.

Director's Circle

Director's Circle donors are encouraged to become involved in future plans and developments at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Donations are unrestricted: a proportion is invested in the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation Victoria to ensure the conservation and development of the Gardens for the enjoyment of future generations. The remainder is used at the Director's discretion for high priority projects such as biodiversity research, water conservation and plant collections.

Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

The Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne provides support for Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne by offering the services of dedicated volunteers and providing financial contributions to selected projects. Many interesting activities are held for members and substantial funds are raised through the Growing Friends, Botanical IllustratorsPlant Craft Cottage and other activities. Take Botanical Art classes on site at the Gardens, attend workshops, lectures and behind the scenes events, or Volunteer with the Friends.

Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Inc.
Gate Lodge, Observatory Gate (opposite the Shrine)
100 Birdwood Avenue
Melbourne VIC 3004
T 03 9650 6398
F 03 9650 7723

Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

The Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne supports Cranbourne Gardens at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in many ways, including the funding of equipment and resources, assistance in events such as BushFest and the launch of Arbor Week. Horticultural and nature related public lectures are also held. Growing Friends raise substantial funds from the sale of native plants.

Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne Inc.
1000 Ballarto Road
Cranbourne VIC 3977
T 03 5990 2200
F 03 5990 2250

The Maud Gibson Trust 

The Maud Gibson Trust is backed by more than 65 years of history, sustained endeavour and achievement. It brings people and plants together through its wide-ranging support of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria's Melbourne and Cranbourne gardens and of scientific research that relates to Australia’s unique environment. It encourages experts who choose to work with our plants to broaden their knowledge and experience and promotes the finest botanical art and literature.

The Maud Gibson Trust
Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation Branch

T 03 9252 2303

Manager, Philanthropy at the Trust Company (which administers the Maud Gibson Trust)

T 03 9665 0294