One very practical way of helping Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is by structuring your estate planning so that the Gardens is included in your Will.

If you take the generous decision to make a bequest to the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation Victoria, you will be helping to secure the botanical, horticultural and scientific future of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria – and your foresight will be appreciated by generations of visitors into the future.

Your gift of monetary funds or specific assets will be invested and secured immediately and will live on in perpetuity. Unless the donor specifically requests otherwise, only the investment income generated by funds held by the Foundation will be utilised by Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. These long-term and independent funds will help the Gardens survive and prosper – thanks to your generosity and the generosity of like-minded people.

Different kinds of bequests  

There are a number of different ways to make a gift to Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in your Will.

Residuary Bequests

The best way to recognise Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in your Will is to leave a share or proportion of the residue of your estate. What this means is that after you have made all necessary provision for your close relatives and friends in your Will, the remaining (residuary) moneys and/or assets pass to the Gardens as your nominated residuary beneficiary.

Gifts of cash, shares, property and other assets

Bequests of cash, shares, property and/or other assets or possessions are also possible, on the understanding that all such gifts will be used to further the work of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

Contingency Bequests

Should you wish your partner, a relative or friend to have the use of property and/or invested capital for his or her lifetime, but with those moneys and/or assets eventually passing to Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, you can make what is known as a Contingency Bequest.

Bequests of specific sums

You can also make a bequest in the form of a specific sum to Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, but it is important that a bequest of this kind is reviewed regularly as the value of such gift can be seriously eroded by inflation.

Need assistance?

Our Development team is available to assist you.

If you would like more information on the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation Victoria or Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria to assist your decision about making a bequest, please contact our Development team on 03 9252 2383 or complete and return the Bequest Enquiry Form. Your enquiry will be dealt with promptly and confidentially.

Alternatively, your own solicitor should be able to assist you.

All bequests should be made to the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation Victoria.

We would like to thank you personally

Please let us know if you have decided to include the Gardens in your Will so we can thank you personally.

You can do this by contacting our Development team on 03 9252 2383 and advising our staff of your decision, or by notifying us by using the form opposite.

The names of all bequestors are kept in confidence, as are any details that you make available to us.