Tanja  Schuster

Tanja Schuster

Research Scientist (Pauline Ladiges Plant Systematics)

As a plant systematist, Tanja is predominantly interested in the evolutionary history of flowering plants. To understand their relationships and refine classification of particular angiosperm groups, Tanja analyses a variety of data ranging from DNA molecules, chromosome numbers, chemistry, and anatomy to morphological characters.

The group Tanja is most interested in is the buckwheat family Polygonaceae, and she has also worked on Ericaceae, Fabaceae, and Myrtaceae (bloodwood eucalypts). Polygonaceae are a good model system for investigating invasiveness, hybrids, fire adaptation, different breeding and photosynthetic systems, interactions between plants and fungi in the form of mycorrhizal associations or plants as hosts of fungal pathogens, and divergence time estimation for biogeographic analyses. The first and most important building block underlying all of these research aspects is a robust and well-resolved phylogeny, which Tanja is working toward for the bloodwood eucalypts and the buckwheat family.

Another important component of Tanja’s work is collections based research using historical specimens lodged in herbaria. Tanja uses herbarium specimens as sources of DNA, pollen, morphological characters, and information about distribution and habitat preferences that can be extracted from the label associated with the specimen. Most of all, working with plants gives Tanja great joy, because of their beauty and importance due to the plant products we rely on (oxygen, food, spices, medicinal compounds, timber, fibres, fuel, pigments, etc.).

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