Richard  Dimon

Richard Dimon

Research Assistant (Orchid Conservation)

Richard helps propagate and maintain the extensive terrestrial orchid collection situated at Cranbourne Gardens. This includes studying some of Australia’s most threatened orchid species in order to facilitate successful cultivation and reintroduction efforts. He is passionate about all Australian native orchids, and actively involved in local community groups to promote the diversity and cultivation of orchid species. Richard has a wide interest in botany, recently completing his Honours on the systematics and evolution of the Australian endemic genus Astrotricha.

  • Refereed journal articles

Dimon, R.J., Váňa, J., Schäfer-Verwimp, A., Heinrichs, J., & Renner, M.A. (2018). Conoscyphus belongs to Acrobolbaceae (Jungermanniineae) not Lophocoleaceae (Lophocoleineae). Australian Systematic Botany. 31 (3): 209–218.

Dimon, R.J., & Renner, M.A. (2017). A new Cynoglossum species, and transfers to Hackelia in eastern Australian Boraginaceae. Australian Systematic Botany. 30 (2): 113–123.