Rebecca Le Get

Rebecca Le Get

Database Officer (Foreign Collection Project)

Rebecca and her colleagues are responsible for databasing the many specimens that were collected outside of Australia, that are now held by the National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

The specimens held by the herbarium include labels that may identify the species, who collected it, when it was collected, how the plant appeared at the time, and where it was collected. Depending on the label, the amount of information varies, which in turn determines the degree of detail included in each database record. These labels predominantly date from the 19th century, and so often cross-referencing with resources such as contemporary maps, or publications produced by collectors, is often required.

By utilising her background in environmental history, including experience in archival research and with a passion for onomastics and pre-modern orthography, Rebecca greatly enjoys contributing to making the National Herbarium of Victoria’s collections more accessible for researchers.

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