Pina  Milne

Pina Milne

Manager Collections

Pina is responsible for ensuring that the highest standards of curatorial practice are employed at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (MEL). Her work also involves improving accessibility to MEL’s collections, which includes assessing requests for specimen loans, collecting data and digital images from students and researchers. Pina’s research interests include the phenology and ecology of rainforest mosses, in particular the genus Dicranoloma, and the documentation of bryophyte species found in soil crusts.

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Educational resources

Lebel, T., Milne, J. and Veenstra-Quah, A. (2004). Set of 10 posters. Forgotten Flora. Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, South Yarra.

Milne, J. and Lebel, T. (2004). Set of 3 CDs. Forgotten Flora: Fungi, Lichen, Bryophytes. Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, South Yarra.

Book reviews

Milne, J. (2002). Review of Key to the genera of Australian mosses by W.R. Buck, D.H. Vitt and W.M. Malcolm. Flora of Australia Supplementary Series Number 14. Australian Biological Resources Study, New Zealand Journal of Botany 40, 701–702.