Noushka Reiter

Noushka Reiter

Research Scientist (Orchid Conservation)

Noushka Reiter manages our newly established Orchid Conservation Program, which has an exciting capacity for large-scale conservation projects. She works closely with community groups in both the Orchid Conservation Program and in the field to achieve tangible positive outcomes for threatened orchids. Noushka has a particular interest in threatened flora ecology, mycorrhizal associations and re-introductions. Her research focusses on the conservation of threatened flora. Together with various government, industry and tertiary institutions, Noushka is involved in a range of conservation projects including the ecology, propagation and re-introduction of over 20 federally threatened orchids.

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Refereed journal articles

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Other articles

Weste, G., Hewett, M. and Reiter, N. (2005). Dieback threatens endangered native plants. Will they survive? The Victorian Naturalist 121(4), 148–153.

Newspaper and magazine articles

Reiter, N. (2012). Bizarre orchid behaviours revealed. Australian Geographic, Aug 24.