Jessica Gardner

Jessica Gardner

Senior Curation Assistant

Jessica is one of three Senior Curation Assistants involved with the Preparing for Digitisation Project within the Collections Branch. Jessica’s main responsibilities are sorting and mounting specimens from the Global Collection at the National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) in preparation for digitisation, as well as providing supervision to the Curation Assistants. Jessica has a particular interest in native Australian food plants and horticultural plant science, in particular native species of Ipomoea (sweet potato).

  • Refereed journal articles

Gardner, J.J.S, Perrie, L., Shepherd, L. and Nagalingum, N.S. (2017). Taxonomic Placement of Unassigned Species of Lastreopsid Ferns (Dryopteridaceae) Using Phylogeny. Systematic Botany 42(3), 385-391.