Marc Freestone

Marc Freestone

Orchid Conservation Officer

Marc works on the Orchid Conservation Program where he assists with growing and maintaining the endangered native orchids produced by the program for reintroduction back into the wild and ex-situ collection. He works with Noushka Reiter and a dedicated group of volunteers in the Orchid Conservation Program's laboratory and nursery. He joins the program after five years as a consultant botanist in the private sector, where he undertook flora surveys and impact assessments across Victoria.

Marc is a regular radio guest on ABC Gippsland where he presents a monthly segment on the flora of the Gippsland region. He also coordinates the Victorian Botany page and has presented at several conferences and seminars in recent years. He has broad interests in fire ecology, rainforests and Victoria's flora more generally, but it is our beautiful and endangered native orchids that inspire him most.

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Freestone, M., Wills, T. & Read J. (2015). Post-fire succession during the long-term absence of fire in coastal heathland and a test of the chronosequence survey method. Australian Journal of Botany, 63, 572–580.

Freestone, M. (2011) Post-fire succession in sand heathland at Loch Sport and a test of the chronosequence method. Honours thesis, Monash University.