Collin Ahrens

Collin Ahrens

Honorary Associate

Collin earned his PhD in 2011 while studying at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. There, he used mathematical models, genetic analysis and classic ecological experiments to decipher the population dynamics of the non-native grass Agrostis stolonifera in cultural landscapes throughout the north-eastern United States. As a Honorary Associate at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Collin is elucidating the population dynamics of rare and/or declining plant species occurring within the Victorian Volcanic Plain. Specifically, this project aims to understand the population genetics of Senecio macrocarpus (Large-fruit Fireweed), Comesperma polygaloides (Small Milkwort), Ptilotus macrocephalus (Featherheads) and Diuris species (Golden Moth Orchids). Collin is developing molecular markers for these four species with the goal of determining the genetic variation within and among intraspecific populations. The results will have practical uses that include guiding best conservation and management practices for naturally occurring and re-introduced populations.


  • Genetic structure of four grassland plants


  • Refereed journal articles

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