Science publications 2016

This is a list of the publications by research staff, students and Honorary Associates of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria for 2016. For details of individual staff members and their projects see the staff pages.

Refereed journal articles

Ahrens, C.W. and James, E.A., 2016. Regional genetic structure and environmental variables influence our conservation approach for feather-heads (Ptilotus macrocephalus). Journal of Heredity, 107, 238–247

Ahrens, C.W. and James, E.A. 2016. Conserving the small milkwort, Comesperma polygaloides, a vulnerable subshrub in a fragmented landscape. Conservation Genetics, 17, 891–901.

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Bellgard, S.E., Padamsee, M., Probst, C., Lebel, T., and Williams, S. E., 2016. Visualizing the early infection of Agathis australis by Phytophthora agathidicida, using microscopy and fluorescent in situ hybridization. Forest Pathology doi10.111/efp.12280.

Brown, A.J., 2015. Subspeciation in Lachnagrostis adamsonii (Poaceae). Muelleria, 34, 15–21.

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Entwisle, T.J., Johnston, E.T., Lam, D.W., Stewart, S.A. and Vis, M.L., 2016. Nocturama gen. nov., Nothocladus s. lat. and other taxonomic novelties resulting from the further resolution of paraphyly in Australasian members of Batrachospermum (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta). Journal of Phycology, 52, 384–396.

Foster, C.S.P., Cantrill, D.J., James, E.A., Syme, A.E., Jordan, R., Douglas, R., Ho, S.Y.W. and Henwood, M.J., 2016. Molecular phylogenetics provides new insights into the systematics of Pimelea and Thecanthes (Thymelaeaceae). Australian Systematic Botany, 29, 185–196.

Holmes, G.D., Hall, N.E., Gendall, A.R., Boon, P.I. and James, E.A., 2016. Using transcriptomics to identify differential gene expression in response to salinity among Australian Phragmites australis clones. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7, 432.

Hirst, M.J., Sexton, J.P. and Hoffmann, A.A., 2016. Extensive variation, but not local adaptation in an Australian alpine daisy. Ecology and Evolution, 6, 5459–5472.

James, E.A., 2016. The application of genetics in balancing the conservation and utilisation of biodiversity in multi-use environments. Journal of Integrated Field Science, 13, 1–7.

Jeanes, J.A., 2015. A new species of Podolepis (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae) from New South Wales. Muelleria, 34, 3–9.

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Knapp, S., Turland, N.J., Barkworth, M.E., Barrie, F.R., Fortunato, R.H., Gandhi, K., Gereau, R.E., Greuter, W., Herendeen, P.S., Landrum, L.R., Mabberley, D.J., Marhold, K., May, T.W., Moore, G., Rico Arce, L., Smith, G.F. & Thiele, K. (2016). (286) Proposal to replace Division III of the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plantsTaxon 65, 661–664. 

Knapp, S., Turland, N.J., Barkworth, M.E., Barrie, F.R., Fortunato, R.H., Gandhi, K., Gereau, R.E., Greuter, W., Herendeen, P.S., Landrum, L.R., Mabberley, D.J., Marhold, K., May, T.W., Moore, G., Rico Arce, L., Smith, G.F. & Thiele, K. (2016). Report of the Special Committee on By-laws for the Nomenclature SectionTaxon 65, 665–669.

Long, J.A., Large, R.R., Lee, M.S.Y., Benton, M.J., Danyushevsky, L.V., Chiappe, L.M., Halpin, J.A., Cantrill, D.J. and Lottermoser, B., 2016. Severe selenium depletion in the Phanerozoic oceans as a factor in three global mass extinction events. Gondwana Research, 36, 209–218.

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McDougall, K.L., Walsh, N.G. and Hook, C., 2016. Recognition of subspecies in Asterolasia trymalioides (Rutaceae: Rutoideae). Muelleria, 34, 69–82.

Miller, M.F., Knepprath, N.E., Cantrill, D.J., Francis J.E. and Isbell, J.L., 2016. Highly productive polar forests from the Permian of Antarctica.  Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 441, 292–304

Reiter, N., Whitfield, J., Pollard, G., Bedggood, W., Argall, M., Dixon, K., Davis, B., and Swarts, N., 2016. Orchid re-introductions: an evaluation of success and ecological considerations using key comparative studies from Australia. Plant Ecology, 217, 1–15.

Schuster, T.M., Stajsic, V. and Bonito, G.M., 2016. False Polygonaceae smut: increasing knowledge about Sphacelotheca polygoni-serrulati Maire in Australia. Muelleria, 34, 83–102.

Sheedy, E.M., Ryberg, M., Lebel, T., May, T.W., Bougher, N.L. & Matheny, P.B. (2016) Dating the emergence of truffle-like fungi in Australia, by using an augmented meta-analysis. Australian Systematic Botany 29, 284–302.

Skinner, S. and Entwisle, T.J., 2016. Mougeotia (Zygnemaceae, Streptophyta) in Australia. Telopea, 18, 481–494.

Walsh, N.G., 2016. A name for Murnong (Microseris: Asteraceae: Cichorideae). Muelleria .34, 63–67.

Xing, Y., Gandolfo, M.A., Onstein, R.E., Cantrill, D.J., Jacobs, B., Jordan, G.J., Lee, D.E., Popova, S., Srivastava, R., Su, T., Vikulin, S.V., Yabe, A. and Linder, P.H., 2016. Testing the biases in the rich Cenozoic angiosperm macrofossil record. International Journal of Plant Sciences, 177, 371–388.

Other articles

May, T. (2016). What does the Atlas of Living Australia tell us about the distribution of Mycena interrupta in Queensland and South Australia?, Queensland Mycologist 11(3), 5–9.